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Individual Reading

A private, confidential reading.  Although I do allow you to bring a guest to listen, it will affect how information is disclosed.  Readings can bring up deeply personal and private topics.  Be sure you are comfortable with another party listening to this information before bringing a friend.  I allow recordings to be made and you may also bring pen and paper if you wish. 

$60/30 minutes

$80/45 minutes

$120/60 minutes

Gallery Reading

This reading format is always fun for small to medium sized groups, usually held in a round table format, everyone receives a personal message. For large group readings private messages are not guaranteed. These parties last 1-2 hours, depending on group size. One hour minimum.

$120/hour, minimum 4 people


From birthday parties to showers to corporate events, add something unique for you and your friends/family or coworkers! Psychic parties are available for a fun and one of a kind experience.

If you host a party receive a FREE 15 minute reading, Messages are given individually, a private space with a table and a few chairs is required.

A minimum of $240 is required for booking a party. If the minimum appointments are not met the host is responsible for making up the difference.

House Blessings & Property Clearings

Many times our homes or businesses become affected by unpleasant or unwanted energies. This can cause a feeling of unrest in the home, or keep people away from a business. If you are experiencing unrest in your space then it's time to restore the positive energy and well being in your home! This is especially good after a period of sickness or domestic turmoil. Willow can help remove unwanted energies, promoting a sense of peace and happiness in your home and business. Moving into a new home? House Blessings are great for clearing out residual energy from previous owners. This creates the space to invite blessings and positive energy in your new home.

In situations of umwanted spirits inhabiting your space Willow helps the spirits to move on so that you can reclaim your space and feel at peace in your home.

$40 consultation and travel fee to be applied to the total

$120/hr time varies for each situation.

Cancellation Policy

24 Hour notice must be provided prior to cancellation.  A reading may be rescheduled, however clients who no-show twice for an appointment will not be rescheduled.

Terms & Conditions

For entertainment purposes only. Psychic readings are not to be used in place of medical, legal or financial advice given by qualified professionals. By scheduling a reading, clients acknowledge that Willow is released from any liability due to actions taken based on information provided in the reading.